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ajax: Still not exactly huge at the moment though. Jul 1, 2021 7:09:25 GMT
lynnk2021: Welcome ajax. I'm glad you've made it here. "We few, we happy few..." ;-) Jul 1, 2021 15:24:15 GMT *
paluef: Just checked and done it: the rep system in SC forums is still live… but the post I listed above is gone somehow. GameChanger has now the last post in the forum. Jul 1, 2021 19:08:17 GMT *
paluef: I was using the ‘new posts’ feature of vB which is now not responding anymore. Jul 1, 2021 19:08:41 GMT
paluef: Bahaha… I have given too many reps in a 24hr period on SC forum… first time it happens. Jul 1, 2021 21:13:50 GMT
lynnk2021: And thank you palu for carrying the torch started by TullSadam. Jul 2, 2021 0:28:31 GMT *
sx0941: It seems we can't edit posts on the original forum.It is still possible to add a poll,though.Just tried it on my thread "The Coronavirus Outbreak". Jul 2, 2021 12:23:29 GMT
lynnk2021: My recent confession, Jul 2, 2021 20:24:23 GMT
lynnk2021: Users Online in the Last 24 Hours
0 Staff, 7 Members, 133 Guests. Interesting Forum Stats. I wonder why more Guests aren't joining us?
Jul 6, 2021 23:35:35 GMT *
Chilepper101: hello, sorry for not being super active Jul 7, 2021 16:53:04 GMT
lynnk2021: What's new, Chilepper? Jul 7, 2021 20:06:24 GMT
Chilepper101: Nothing much Jul 10, 2021 17:36:37 GMT
lynnk2021: The Forum Stats box above the Shoutbox is informing us that doroboneko is the newest member to join. Welcome doroboneko; You're Member #31. Jul 13, 2021 22:48:32 GMT *
lynnk2021: Good afternoon everyone. Jul 22, 2021 19:31:30 GMT
Chilepper101: good afternoon, lynnk Jul 23, 2021 14:31:09 GMT
Chilepper101: do you by any chance watch rhett and link on good mythicle morning? they are hilarious, search them up on youtube! Jul 23, 2021 14:31:46 GMT
lynnk2021: Thank you Chilepper for the recommendation. I watched their recent video on chicken: frozen vs. fresh vs. fancy food taste test and found it entertaining. Jul 26, 2021 20:32:12 GMT *
lynnk2021: The Forum Stats box above the Shoutbox is informing us that dubj is the newest member to join. Welcome dubj; You're Member #32. Jul 26, 2021 23:28:42 GMT *
jacobfield: Hey Guys! Be sure to check my recent thread if you are interested in joining a brand new clan and helping us grow! Jul 29, 2021 2:11:21 GMT
lynnk2021: Welcome jacobfield; You're Member #33. Jul 29, 2021 6:12:09 GMT